Originality Snobbish

Even the most laid back and egalitarian among us can be insufferable snobs when it comes to coffee, music, cars, beer, or any other pet obsession where things have to be just so. What are you snobbish about?

DailyPost Prompt 8-Oct-14; Upturned Nose

Picking over one thing among thousands things that have been lingering in my mind wasn’t a very easy job to do. But in the end, to say that I’m snobbish mostly about an originality of something, will be the best approach I could make.

Originality? Yes. Or, original items to be exact.

I’m considering myself not too picky over something.
I wear what’s comfortable for me; be it clothes, footwear, or anything. I eat and drink what’s tasted good for me. I use the gadget in which having an enough specification for me. I don’t actually care for a brand, or a merely price. (Okay… I do care if those are out of my hands.) But if I need to pick by putting aside what is nice or comfortable for me, whether I will choose an original brand A with 20$ as a price or replica brand B with 20$; when A is much less popular to compare it with B (that for example, worth 40$ in its original price), I would rather to choose an original brand A.

An example that, I am a huge fans of a certain Korean group for more than three years already by now.
I have all their released songs on my phone and laptop and it’s more or less 900 songs in total (including all their concert version of the songs, other version of the songs- ex. rock version, acapella version, etc, and some instrumental version of the songs). You see how I am a big fans of them, right? But nevertheless, I never- like, never bought any of their unoriginal items. When I bought their CDs or DVDs, even if it’s so damn expensive, I never bought any of the unoriginal or what they called as a copy-original. In addition, as much as I enjoy their interview in the magazines, I never have an interest to buy the non-exclusive one (I mean, the merely report that was written by local magazine or something like that); as I think it doesn’t count as original. Some people might do that to support the group (so that it will increase the sale to make it into the chart); that’s what they said.

But me, I’m doing it basically for my own pleasure.
I don’t have any particular reasons, it is an all-or-nothing; take it or leave it.

Is that counted as snobbish? I’m not actually sure, to be honest.
But that’s how I think the originality has to be just so.

written by liphz


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