A Glass of Caramel Latte

10 minutes. You and your keyboard (or smartphone. Or tablet. Or pen and paper). No pauses, no edits, no looking back: it’s free-write time!

DailyPost Prompt 9-Oct-14; Ready Set Done

I miss a glass of caramel latte, as it has always been an exit toll from boredom to freedom for me.


I wasn’t a coffee addict, and I’m still not. The amount of coffee that I’ve drunk for, probably won’t even reach three cup in a year. Well, that was if only you excluded caramel latte from the list, of course. Caramel latte has always been my guilty pleasure; something that I will never able to resist from.

It was once upon a time at the old days, when working hasn’t been my daily routine that I always want to skip from.

Once in a week, I would always go there; to where its coffee brand has been way so popular around the world. The baristas greeted me as I walked in, remembering well who I was- even what my name was and what I would order there, as I was one of their regular customer; always came at the same day, the same time. Thursday; 12 PM to 5 PM. An Iced Caramel Latte, grande size? The barista on the cashier asked even before I’ve had a chance to say the name.

Yes. Yes, for sure. What else?

After the caramel latte was ready, I immediately chose the spot for me; the same spot for every week. Turning my min on, or taking my notes and pen out from the bag; those would be depended on my mood at the day. Earphone glued at the ears, I would start typing- or writing. Pouring whatever inside my mind, could be an imagination, or my very own feelings; fleeing from the hectic, busy, and crowded world for a while. And there, a glass of caramel latte would be sipped down.

People swarmed in, choosing their favorite positions inside. I took a glance at the clock; 3 PM, meaning that they’ve done with their lunches. I went back to my latop- or notes, turning the music to the very low volume level. Still with the earphone in my ears, I started observing the people’s talks. On my back, I could hear two people were talking about their assignments. At the front side, there were the quarreling couple that almost shouted their lungs out. And at the other side of mine, there was a person who always bragged his things. Some were a familiar faces; I told to myself that they were, as well, a regular customer here. Observing on how amusing some people that I’ve never known, I took another sip of a caramel latte; realized that it has become bland already as the time passed.

The sky was getting dark, the day would soon become night. No rain always meant good, since I would always go back with two foots of mine. I saved the writing- or probably posted those, packing my things all at once; basically throwing everything into the bag. I took the last sip of a caramel latte, before standing up from the place. The baristas once again recognized my existence, bowing at me as I was walking through the exit. Thank you for visiting. Please come again later. The baristas always ended my visit by saying those words.

Oh, you know that I will always come again here. Same day, same time.

And now, I would like to take a glass of caramel latte once again, getting free from the dull routine of mine. Who’s willing to join with me?

written by liphz.


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