Tears and Goosebumps

Describe what it feels like to hear a beautiful piece of music or see a stunning piece of art.

365 Days of Writing Prompts, 5th Oct; Eye of the beholder

ASDFGHJKL. That’s summarizing everything, in fact.

These might not express well how I feel when hearing the stunning song (at least for me), but I couldn’t find other way to describe it. Because each song has a different vibe and feels involved, that was too hard for me to generalize it. Thus, these two songs are included in the best ever I could point out. I’ve given the performance that I used to write the description as well, in case you wonder on over what song I could feel something like that.

And on the other note, I was never able to describe an emotions well, to be honest.

#NowPlaying : Bolero by Tohoshinki
Live Performance at The Secret Code Concert, Tokyo Dome.

A pitch-dark. Nothing could be seen; nothing could be heard aside from the glowing lightsticks and the audience’s shouting for the singer’s name. Then as the music began to play, the voice could be heard instantly as well. The first voice was strong; soothing, but still the strength was hinted there. The second and third voices which followed suit were low and soft. The notes became higher and stronger than before. The fourth and fifth; which were the lasts voices could be heard as well; higher and stronger than the previous ones. The song went by, playing with its strength; sometimes it was soft and soothing, and at the other times it was strong and powerful. The harmonization within the singers blended smoothly, they seemed to know where to strengthen the voice where to blend it. The song reached its climax, higher and even stronger voices could be heard clearly. High notes- and screams were surrounded me, giving a sudden goosebump. I smiled. The emotions and power was too much for me to stay still. I wanted to scream as the highest notes were reached; as I could feel nothing but the soul of the song. And then, I could feel my own heartbeat as it became soothing while reaching the end of song.

Wonderful… Perfect… No one has reached the point of my heart like they did.
I still smiled as the performance reached its end and… the heartbeat was still beating as fast.

#NowPlaying I Love You by Tohoshinki
Live Performance at A-Nation, Ajinomoto Stadium.

[click to watch at dropbox]
(planning to upload the video on youtube, but get copyrighted right away.)

The notes were played; soothing… too soothing and melodious for me. It didn’t take long until the first voice could be heard clearly. Then soon after, the second voice was following the first one. The harmonization between them was giving a nice and enjoyable vibe. The song went on, still soothing and soft even after the time passed. I started closed my eyes tightly, wanting to feel even more the song. As note by note was played, along with the soft, melodious, and soothing voices, unconsciously a tear dropped on my cheeks. I opened my eyes realizing that overflowing feelings. I didn’t know why; not at all. I knew it wasn’t because of the sadness, because I couldn’t feel any pain or hurt. I just felt that the song was too nice, too soothing, and… too much feeling involved instead. I felt full inside, too full until it seemed possible to burst anytime soon. I couldn’t hold my tears back anymore and just crying helplessly. The song has reached its end; the audience were applauding and shouting the singer’s names… but my tears were still there. This was honestly, the first time ever I could tear up because of the song… and not due to the sadness.

Beautiful… It is too beautiful to be true. Thank you… and I really love you…
Those were everything I could enchant in secret as they were gone from my sight.

written by ryns


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