The Heaven’s Space

A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

365 Days of Writing Prompts, 3rd Feb; Writing Room

I would like to have it to be isolated… from the real world of mine. So that it will become my escape route from the boring routine. Like- let’s say… a stand-alone cottage instead of just a nice room in the house.


Behind the main house, at the corner of it, there is one small cottage stand-alone by itself. Connected only by the stone path with the main house, the cottage has a sliding glass door to separate it with the small garden that surrounds it. Thus, from the inside of cottage, the garden where the flowers are blooming can be seen very clearly. At the side of garden; which means, at the opposite side of the cottage, a pond with a small fountain can be seen as well. The sound of running water comes from the fountain can be heard, giving a nice and peaceful feeling inside. At the outside of the cottage, there is a balcony too; higher a little bit from the garden around. There are some lazy chairs with the table, where the reading time can be spent with a jar of cookies and a cup of tea.

Moving to the inside of the room, there are books all over the wall-side of the room. The books are arranged nicely based on the genre and author’s name; from A to Z, from the top-left to the bottom-right. Beside the bookshelf, at one spot near the wall, there is a desk where the plug-in can be used. The laptop is provided there, at the right side of the desk; while at the left side there are notes and pens- and also, a chair as well. Another spot will have a music player, along with a shelf contains CD of my favorite music singers. The speakers are at each corner of the top. At the middle of the room, there is a nice and soft rug with a coffee table on the top of it. There are also fluffy pillows scattered on the floor, where reading can be enjoyed while just lying or sitting comfortably there.

That’s what heaven is for me, this bookworm soul. What about you?

written by liphz
AN. I can’t write a description very well… but here it is.


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