Reading vs Writing

What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without reading a book (since learning how to read, of course)? Which book was it that helped break the dry spell?

Daily Post 12-Oct-14; Reader’s Block

If this was literally meant only for book, then around one or two months- I don’t quite remember how long, to be honest… but it was around months; will probably be my answer. But. BUT, if this was meant reading anything we enjoy; as in, everything (like online-manga, online-book, online-fanfictions, etc), then I’m afraid that it will only lasted like 3-4 hours only.

Ever since I was a small kid- even before I was able to read, I’ve been in love with the books; with stories. I was told by my parent that I even had a favorite book already, which I always asked my mom to read it for me in everyday. Started with those children books, I always grew around those. At first I liked comic books a lot, like Donald Duck and other Disney’s characters. When I was in elementary school, I started reading the manga (Japan comic). I remembered that the first manga I read at the time was Detective Conan. From there, I started collecting manga with various genres and titles. Growing older, my love for reading also grew. I started reading novella and novel, though at the time I wasn’t able to collect those due to the expensive price (manga was like one-quarter in price, so- yeah.). The first novel that I had probably Harry Potter, and that was bought like years after, when the Book 4 (Goblet of Fire) has released already. My mom was the one bought that, as a present for my grades or something? I don’t really remember. The first book I bought was probably Fairish, a young-adult novel with romance as a genre, written by a local author and was so popular.

Okay. This is getting out of my hand and topic.

So, I read. Everyday, and practically almost in all-time. It is true that lately I don’t read as much books as I did in the past. I want to blame it to those so-called fanfictions, to be honest. I met fanfiction years-years ago, and lately I’ve became addicted to those again. Aside from fanfiction, I want to blame it on… well, my routines and writing muse? Because I only have night to write due to my routines, in most of times I became prefer to write instead of read a book; because once I read a book, I will definitely get hooked on those and there’s no chance I can remember to write something until I end the book completely.

Honestly, I’ve just started reading the book a bit by bit again lately. I realize that I have to start reading no matter what, because my books are increasing but the ones that I’ve read don’t. I still have Septimus Heap series on my bookshelf, along with The Secret of Nicolas Flamel series, Mockingjay, and the list goes on; that I haven’t read yet (okay. I’ve read Septimus book 1 to 3, and Nicholas Flamel book 1 and 2- before stopping. I bet that I need to read since the start… again). It hasn’t been added with my wanted-items that I was planning to buy, like The Lost Symbol. Since I know that I can’t possibly change that habit of mine (Well of course I can if I am willing to sacrifice my writing time- but I’m not willing to), so I decided to bring a book to my office. In every lunch-break, I will read some chapters of the book until the break end. That’s how I read by now.


Which book started bringing back the muse to read?
That’s probably Jonathan Stroud’s Lockwood & Co.The Screaming Staircase. Like I’ve stated some times ago, Jonathan Stroud is one of my favorite author; and he always will, I guess. I enjoyed how he wrote everything. How the character’s thought sometimes showed an irony over something, and how the humor was just- right; smooth, smart, and not actually underestimating a certain character. The book was giving me a thrill, but still able to make me smile and giggle at the same time. From that book, then I go to the other books on the list, Jonathan Stroud’s Bartimaeus series; The Ring of Solomon, and now I’m in the middle of reading The Maze Runner. I’ve bought that in a sale a long time ago, but reading that just now because the film was intriguing.

I hope that the list will keep continue on, to the next book and so on; until I’ve managed to finish all the old books on my bookshelf.

written by liphz.


2 thoughts on “Reading vs Writing

  1. The longest for me is probably … two weeks? Because when I move I sometimes can’t have books and I don’t bring them with me, so it can be two weeks.
    If by reading it’s just anything (ff, manga and co) then… a day.
    I can’t Not read. It’s impossible! ^o^


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