[Fiction] Land of the Rising Sun

A young immigrant steps off the boat into a new country. Write about the very first set-back he/she experiences.

A Writer’s Path – Ten Quote Tuesday (#10)

Walking down from the airplane through the passage, a woman in her blazer showed her confidence all the way there. She didn’t even hesitate to take which turn, whenever she met with an intersection along the way. No. That wasn’t because she knew where she should go, in fact. This was her first time to go abroad; which meant, also her first time to step her foots at the Land of The Rising Sun. She was just too nervous to ask someone, to be honest. She knew that in this state, she wouldn’t be able to say the words- the basic Japanese words that she has learnt, well enough to be understood.

As the result of her reckless doings, just like it has been expected ever since the first place, she was now in a lost. She didn’t even remember how she was able to arrive at the place that considered as being so quiet. It was just blurry, that she could see something inside her memories when she was trespassing some of the barricades or something like that. Realizing her stupidity resulted something that could lead her to a problem when the security or an officer coming, she was getting more panic than she has ever been. She turned around to go back to her first place; the sooner the better.

But of course things wouldn’t go easily. While she was walking with her messy mind; without even knowing where she should go to right now, something crashed onto her out of blue. She, who never expected for the crash, was falling miserably to the floor just like that. She rubbed her bottom without bothered to check on who the other person was; knowing that the other would just a random person she accidentally met, when a hand was extended to her.

Gomen ne. Daijoubu ka*?” She could hear a voice of someone; a man, with a very weird accent of Japanese.

She just stared on the hand, feeling the panic rushed into her in instant. Even though she has learned the basic Japanese before, she still wasn’t ready with the sudden need to use it. “I… I’m okay- No, I mean- Uh- Hai**…”

“Oh. You’re not a Japanese?” said the man with a thicker American accent, as soon as he realized that she didn’t quite understand or sure on how to reply at his question before in Japanese.

“I’m- not,” she said, still feeling nervous to actually have to chat with a stranger; at the airport, at the place where she has never been. Looking at the hand that was still extended to her, she was finally taking the help due to the guilty feeling; though she still wasn’t able to meet the other’s stare. “I’m… I’m just having a vacation here; arrived just now.”

“And here I thought you’re the city-guide that I should meet. I’m sorry,” he said again, laughing at his own foolishness without bothered to explain clearer on what he was meant just now. But soon after he has realized there was something wrong, the man immediately raised one of his eyebrows in curiosity. “But how can you be here? This is the passage through the VIP arrival gate, you know?”

She widened her eyes in instant, once again having a sudden panic due to the realization. Unintentionally, she lifted her head to meet with the other’s gaze; wanting to tell the other that she wasn’t actually meant to break into there.

“I’m lost, that’s not my intention to come here. Please trust me! I just want to find an exit rou-” In the middle giving the other an explanation, she suddenly widened her eyes as she recognized the face right in front of her. He was not just a random person but someone that she has seen at other places. “Oh!!! You’re the sin- Hmphhhhh…”

Within no time, the man has covered her mouth with his palm; making her wouldn’t be able to continue her words. “Shhhhh. Please stay low. We don’t want the mass rushing here and surrounding us, or even making a headline about this, right?” he said with a smile, that the woman just realized so sweet.

“I will tell you where to go out.” He was talking as if he bargained an interesting offer to the other. But, even though she still couldn’t able to adjust herself, the man already continued his words. “Just follow the exit route from the sign above there, or remember this; turn left at the end of this passage, then quickly turn right as soon as you find the turn. Walk forward, you’ll find an escalator there. The exit will be seen easily from there.”

The man has uncovered the woman’s mouth, but she wasn’t able to say anything.

“Let’s keep this as a secret, okay?” added him with another smile, before leaving the woman who was still in an utter shock behind.

After a moment has passed, the woman was finally able to walk slowly; still absent-minded, but at least she was walking at the right route. Her mind was, on the other side, still thinking on what has just happened before. She couldn’t believe that at the first time she stepped to the other land; at the first time she talked to someone else at the other land, it would be with someone like him- someone that categorized into unreachable.

* Gomen ne = I’m sorry
Daijoubu ka? = Are you alright?

** Hai = Yes

AN. This might not a set-back, a cliche meeting, and a boring one even. But well, what can I do? This is what my mind has been worked for today. So yeah, here it is as the result… though it’s probably a bit dissatisfying.

written by liphz


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    • thank you! well i made this like a prologue of something…
      so who knows, maybe someday with another prompt… there could be a continuation. 😉 thank you for visiting once again. ^^


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