Touching Story… Or Not

There was a flash-fiction or something (shared in a page about love, life, or things like that) that I’ve just read hours ago… The story was quite cliche and I think, that’s probably just wanted to show on how we should treasure our moment with someone that we love, instead of drifting him/her away due to other things that we thought more important at the moment. Well… that was true, at some point. But frankly, somehow I don’t like the plot- the story itself. I wonder if I was heartless to think some things to be criticized over the character, when he should be pitied instead.

So, here’s the summary of the story :

There was a woman and a man in a relationship. At one night, the woman was so busy with her thesis, while the man wanted to have a chat with her. Because feeling disturbed with the man’s texts, the woman got angry and said that the man shouldn’t disturb her because she’s busy and the thesis was her future; she said that the man should have just sleep already. So then, the man complied with that. The next morning, the woman texted the man and said she was sorry about the last night. But the man never replied. Soon after, it was known that the man has passed away. For the whole times he hid his sickness from the woman; afraid that it might disturb her study. He said (on his last text for the woman that he hasn’t sent yet) that he’s sorry to not able have more talk with her but he could understand that the thesis was important for the woman.

That how it was.

And being weird I am, instead of feeling the story was touching or sad, I found one or two things to be criticized; especially from the man’s character. Maybe the story wanted to show that the man was so selfless, but for me it was more likely he was being egoist instead. Yeah, probably I was heartless to say that way instead of just taking it as a touching story and looking at the positive message; about we should treasure our moment together with those we loved. Maybe I really am.

But here’s the case.

Let’s say you’re in the woman’s position. You knew nothing about the man’s condition and you had a deadline over your thesis; let’s say tomorrow. Of course it was more or less making you quite stress with the amount of work that you had to do. You needed to finish everything and chatting dilly-dally wasn’t an option for sure. Then you got a text from your boyfriend that wanted to have a chat with you. Yeah, ME, I would definitely turn him down. I would say that this wasn’t a time for us to chat because I did have a deadline. And then he texted again some times later, saying that he couldn’t bear to stop chatting with you. Though you didn’t reply it because you were too busy, he sent the texts again for several times; saying he was worried after two hours without her. Yeah, ME again here, I would get upset. I would say that he’s overreacting for sure. Heck, it was only two hours and he kept bugging me instead letting me finished the thesis. That was upsetting for me. Remember, you knew nothing and had a deadline. And then, when it was found that the man has passed away due to a sickness that he hid for these whole times, what would you do? If it was me, I would :

  1. Feeling myself as the worst girlfriend;
    because drove him away instead of talk to him when he had little times.
  2. Feeling myself as the worst girlfriend;
    because prioritized something else over him when he had little times.
  3. Feeling myself as the worst girlfriend;
    because never noticed that there was something wrong with him.
  4. Feeling myself as the worst girlfriend;
    because never took care of him and let him faced everything alone.

and the list goes on…
For me, that after-effect would be even worse than going through all the pain and suffering together with the man that I loved.

This is the quote that I found on the fanfiction I’ve read before… when one of the character was dying due to his sickness and he was having a chat with his best friend; someone that he considered as brother already :

“And, what if we weren’t there the night you passed out? Would you hide it from us until you die alone? That shows how stupid you are. You don’t know us better.”

“What exactly is your point?”

“My point is that… you think you’re being generous enough by hiding it from me. You don’t want me to see your pain. But, when you die and you die alone, I am the worst best friend and the biggest dumbass in the whole world universe. Oh, fine. You’re an angel, you let yourself suffer alone. But what would that make me? A horrible best friend for letting you go through it alone, for being stupid enough not knowing that you’re in pain, for-“

“Stop. I get it.”

“I’m sorry. But you know I’m right. You’re just being plain stupid and selfish. There is nothing that I want in this world besides sharing your problems.”

– Brothers for Life (Second Version) chapter 10 by rockroll123

I don’t think that I need to say something more… aren’t I?
But of course, that’s just my very own opinion.

written by ryns


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