Me vs The World of Art

From your musical tastes to your political views, were you ever way ahead of the rest of us, adopting the new and the emerging before everyone else?

Daily Post 15-Oct-14; Avant Grande

Conservative. Classic. Old. Weird. Unique.

Those probably would summarize on who I am. I didn’t follow most of things in this world (Well, I did read news and things- what I meant was about things like musics, TV shows, or… well other things as well.).

musicI didn’t follow what’s going on with the music in this world. When people was so all into K-Pop nowadays, I never understood what’s interesting from watching a bunch of good-looking (or pretty) people dancing and singing briefly. Sure they were great for being able did everything and they were good-looking too, but that’s all. I finally found some singers that I liked- but it was for others probably like a thousand year late. People have been moving to newer and fresh singers, while I found and stuck with the old ones that debuted in 2003 and was very popular in 2007-2009. Hey it’s so old-fashioned to like them. Maybe some would say that. But seriously, not that I didn’t try listening to some new ones. I did! And nothing happened.

BooksThen even books, I don’t have preferences like others did. I admired J.K. Rowling for being successful and I did buy and read her Harry Potter… but I couldn’t say it was that amazing. It’s great, but those didn’t make her into my favorite author list. Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini… that’s the same. I admit those two are great, but I couldn’t feel attached as much as when I read Jonathan Stroud’s books. Maybe not even everyone knew who Jonathan Stroud was.

When people were all ASDFGHJKL because of Twilight, I don’t quite like the plot and the characters; especially Bella’s to be honest (if that’s what Stephenie Meyer wanted, that reader would hate Bella, then she was successful to make me as one). I did buy and read the books; watching the movies (first because I liked Robert Pattinson when he was at Harry Potter and then I became liking Taylor Lautner after watched the 2nd)… but nothing amused me.

In short, when a certain book and music were popular, in most of times (or every time even) I would never touch the books and songs before that. Maybe afterwards, due to my curiosity, I would read and listen those. But before it, seemed that those books or songs were somehow out of my radar. I read and listen what’s minor and unknown for other people more instead.


But hey, like I care! I love what I love. I don’t love things because people do or because it’s popular, after all. I might not lead the moving world and don’t even go with the flocks… but I know when I love, I love those truly.

AN. I meant no harm or anything bad. This just my taste and I understand if people like- or love some of those that I don’t like. I never said the mentioned things are bad; just not my cup of tea, really.

written by liphz


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