Back to The Childhood

You get to spend a day inside your favorite movie. Tell us which one it is — and what happens to you while you’re there.

Daily Prompt; 19-Oct-14

Going away from my internet for some days (which was why I didn’t finish weekly prompt as well *sighs*), now I’m greeted by the interesting topic. To be honest, I am tempted to do another fiction again using this prompt, but sadly I don’t think I have time for doing that now. So… yeah, no fiction today.

Spending a day inside my favorite movie. That was a hard thing to choose. First of all, most of my favorite movies were actions and something like life-threatening one. I mean, who wants to voluntary risk yourself to die in a war or dangerous journey between hobbits, elfs, dwarfs, humans, and other kind of things; just because of the ring? Or who wants to voluntary risk yourself to create a risky plan to steal money from a high-level security of casinos or museum? Or to have a trip with someone that lost his memory, but also proven to be dangerous since he was going to be killed by some people- and skilled in defending/attacking as well? Or to have a risk getting stomped by a dinosaur’s skeleton in the museum at night- when everything came alive? Or even… to be trapped in a huge maze that wasn’t safe at night and depends on nothing but the box that coming in each month- only to know that those are just an experiment? Or to be swung around the city; depending it only on the spider web that you don’t even know how long will lasted; and who will suddenly give an attack? Or to be trapped in a dome where you have to kill the other people who’re selected from other district, staying as the only one alive at the end of day? Or… well, there’re a lot of things.

Maybe I was thinking too much since it’s just for one day and beside, I get to pick on what will happen there as well; so, what’s wrong by picking any of those and just taking the great experience instead thinking about the risk doing those? Well, nothing is wrong; I admit. I just didn’t know which one I should pick among everything. Maybe I should just pick Ocean Series and imagine myself stay with Brad Pitt, enjoying the day with them with all the money they got from the stealing. Or I should just pick Night at Museum, enjoying the night with those alive-things on the museum; enjoying the time where the past and present meet. Or Lord of The Ring, just by watching how the war went on without getting killed or hurt- even maybe, since I get to pick by myself, became the one who lead the army and killed the main enemy. Yes, too many too pick, right?

But in the end, this prompt makes me back into my childhood. At the time, there weren’t these many things for me to pick. I was very sure and clear on what kind of film that I would pick to spend inside. Mmmm. No, not movie, sadly. But even though this might be breaking the rule of prompt; when it has stated movie, I can’t think any better than this one to answer the question.


Digimon. Back there; like year ’98 or something? I was still on my elementary school and this anime series was played on the national TV every Sunday morning. I love the series so much; even though for most people Pokemon was lasted much longer in their heart. Even once, I pretended to be sick when I had to go to school on Sunday; so that I would be able to watch the series instead. (Yes, I’m a naughty kid just for the sake of this series at the time.) I bought anything that had a bonus related to this series, even when it was only its wrapping. So… I was that maniac and for sure, there were many times I wished to go there; to the world where those animal-like creature exist, able to talk with human, and befriended with human. That sounds… fun for my little head at the time.

And what happens to me when I stay there; in the world with those creatures? Not really much. Probably I would have one of those creatures- the cute or cool one was fine, and explore how it would shaped after the evolution to the adult stage. And then, exploring their world with the creature of mine by my side; tasting some of their foods, going to their cultural events (Yes, they did have those too at some episodes in my memory), and such things. Just those boring and normal stuffs you do in real life, instead of joining the adventure to kill those evil creatures and risking myself on that. But for my little mind, peaceful time would be the best, and spend it there where there was no people that would nag on you sounds good enough. Besides, the time went so much slower than our real life at that world of creature; spending the time there like weeks would be just hours in the real life.

Doesn’t it sound good enough for the escape route from the reality?

written by liphz


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