[Fiction] Live For You, Die For You

At what age did you realize you were not immortal? How did you react to that discovery?

Daily Post 20 Oct 2014; Finite Creatures

WARNING : This story contains a brief of violence and death.

It was happened in a flash.

I was looking at our enemy’s headquarter that built up right in front of us; focusing all my five senses on it, when suddenly I could taste the blood inside my mouth. As I threw up everything without able to hold it back anymore, I felt like all the blood was gone from my body and there was no strength left on me. Thus, I fell to the ground miserably, supporting my whole body just with my elbows there. I could feel the huge pain on my stomach, spreading everywhere- even to the top of my head.

Seriously, my head was throbbing so hard right now.

I tried to get my sense back. This was quite weird and impossible at the same time. I remembered it clearly that the witch has given me the Immortality Potion which should give me the immunity- or, that was what she said. Was she lying to me? But it didn’t make any sense either, since she should have known that me getting killed would just give her a disadvantage. As I remembered that the witch once said there was only one way to kill me after drinking that, I widened my eyes and turned to look at someone on my back.

Crap. Crap, how could something like this happen?

I could see that there was a woman, stood with a bloody sword on her hand. She… She was none other than someone whom I trusted the most, someone whom I always wished to protect… someone whom I loved with all my heart.

Choose wisely, Warrior… There’s only one chance to decide your future. Just by drinking this potion, the winning is absolute. However, you should remember these two things. One, you will be an immortal; you will stay alive forever, watching everyone die, alive, die again… until the end of the world. Two, despite everything, there’s one way to kill you. Someone that you have inside your tiny heart… she’s the only one able to kill you.

I remembered it… the words which the witch has said to me. But… I never even dreamed that anyone but her would crush me completely like this.

“Why…?” I asked in whisper, gathering so much energy already only to say tha.

She released her grip on the sword with her shaky hands, letting it collided and created an echoing sound through the room. Slowly, she covered her face with both of her palms without even cared with all the blood stains there. Though I could feel her grief, guiltiness, and even regret, still I couldn’t understand why she had to do this.

“W… Why…?” I repeated the question, letting my body dropped to the floor as my elbows couldn’t support my body anymore.

“I’m sorry…” She finally said something; only with her small voice, but it was enough for me to her. “I’m sorry… I just… I don’t have any other choice. Please understand…”

I could hear that she has started to sob. If only I was still able to move around, I would definitely wrap my arms on her. It was painful enough to hear her like this.

“He… he has taken my brother… as the hostage. I’m sorry…” she continued.

I wanted to stand up. I wanted to scream on how stupid she was to believe on the enemy’s words. Though, I could understand that she has already suffered by thinking on how she had to kill me in order to save her brother. Maybe… maybe she really didn’t have other choices; liked it or not.

As my eyes started getting heavier, I knew that my time was about to come. I could feel that my body has became numb and cold already. From the corner of my eyes, I could see the pool of blood under me was getting wider and wider than it has been. I glanced at my side, trying to focus with the last my energy at the woman whom I still loved even until now.

640x896_448_Through_Your_Eyes_2d_characters_girl_female_woman_male_warrior_love_picture_image_digital_artI wanted to smile and said that everything was okay… that I would just go to the eternity faster than her and I would patiently wait for her to come into my arms.

But…. everything has turned dark already.

“Will you kill me?”
“Why… me? It should be someone you love…”
“Which is why I said that.”
“You- You love me- for real?”
“Of course. You’re everything I can only love.”

“I’m… I’m not killing those I love, so you don’t have to worry…”

written by ryns

AN. First attempt to make a fantasy fiction!
Hope that this wasn’t confusing enough.
And anyway, I really love the pic. Credits to Eric Kenji Aoyagi. ❤


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