[Fiction] Through The Dimension

A person buys a pack of cigarettes and finds something very different inside.

A Writer’s Path – Ten Quote Tuesday (#11)

The World Series starts tonight! In your own life, what would be the equivalent of a walk-off home run? (For the baseball-averse, that’s a last-minute, back-against-the-wall play that guarantees a dramatic victory.)

The Daily Post 21 October – Grand Slam

A man was standing in front of the cigarette vending machine; kicking it repeatedly upon the vexation that he could feel. He has definitely inserted his money instead, but it seemed that the machine refused to give him any cigarettes. Not to mention that he was currently in a bad mood already because of the boss at his workplace was criticizing him today.

Free your thought, Emmet. Don’t just write because you have to. Write because you want to, and don’t limit yourself.

As he remembered on what his boss has said to him, he was sighing in despair. It’s not that he didn’t know lately his writing was kind of lacking at a lot of parts, after all. He knew it, but what he didn’t know was how he was supposed to do to return his muse in writing. He has been in a publishing company for five years and now he was stuck with his writing- that he felt becoming boring.

Old country store-front-Horz

Busy with his own thought, he didn’t realize on where he was walking. His steps has finally stopped when he could see that in front of him, there was an old store that he has never seen before. He frowned confusedly; didn’t know why he could miss an unique store not too far from his place. As far as he could remember, he has explored his living area until the most detail of it already at his first week.

He was immediately walking towards the store; partly because he was excited to explore the new store- no matter how small it was, and also because he thought that the store might sell the cigarettes he wanted to buy since before. Thus, he opened the door without any hesitation and walked in there, gaping widely in amusement as he could see that even the interior was seemingly as old as the exterior look. The store even used a dim light, making him had a little bit hard time to look around. The store was even selling the cigarettes that its brand couldn’t be found anywhere else by him before this. Done strolling inside the store, he finally took a pack of cigarettes; thinking it wouldn’t be hurt for him to try it out.


He plopped himself down on the couch beside his bookshelf; inside his room. Then, he took the pack of cigarettes and pulled one of those of from the pack, soon realizing that there was something else aside from the cigarettes itself. Raising one of his eyebrows upon the unexpected finding, he quickly took the thing out from the pack. Unfortunately, it was just something that he didn’t have any interest to; a sheet of card- seemed to be used in a card game or something similar. Dissatisfied with the unappealing bonus from the pack, he threw the card to the table recklessly.

“A- what? The manufacturer thought that smokers will buy theirs because of a silly bonus like this? What they thought about? A five-years-old-kids that prefer bonuses than the real contents?”

Finishing three cigarettes already, he finally stood up from the place and walked to the bed. True that he still didn’t know on what he should do to fix his writing; which his boss has asked him to re-write by tomorrow, but as much as he thought for a possible solution, there was none. Maybe he would ask the boss, so that he could get a trip or something; so that he could get a new excitement over something that unusual from his ordinary life. With the thought, he was lying on the bed with the closed eyes; getting ready to go into his dreamland.

Hours has passed as he went off to the dream already. Unknowingly- since he was still sleeping soundly on the bed, the card that he thought as a bonus was shining brightly on the table. A shape of human was formed right on the top of the card; just like there was a projector or something that could show a 3D image there. Slowly, the shape was becoming more and more clear. A woman could be seen; wearing a weird clothes, an unique hairstyle, with a staff on her hand.

640x911_13990_The_Art_Of_PO_WEN_05_2d_fantasy_girl_concept_art_character_woman_mage_sorceress_picture_image_digital_artAs the woman became more than just an image but a real person that was standing in the room, she looked confused and couldn’t understand on what happened either. She took a look on her left and right, jumping at her place and pointing her staff to wherever she could hear a sound of working machine in the house. As soon as she saw there was another person in the room, slowly she took some steps forward; towards the bed. She was still pointing out her staff, as if trying to defense herself from the attack that might come from the other person there.

Until the man suddenly opened up his eyes, feeling disturbed with the sudden ruckus in his room when he was trying to get some rest. But when his stare landed at the woman, he couldn’t do something else aside from widening his eyes in surprise.

“Huh? What… are you?”

“I came from The Land of Fiducia, the daughter of The Great Sancus. I order you to tell where I am and what are you going to do by kidnapping me to this place of black magic.”

“Wait- what? What land, daughter of who, and… and- kidnapping who?”

And thus, his extraordinary life would soon change; just like he wanted to.

written by ryns.

AN. another short-fiction with fantasy-based
(that sounds more like a prologue of a long fiction).
And… yeah, not really fit with the second prompt… but well~

credits pictures go to :
Alan Bauer, karla-chan @ devianart,
and The Art of Po Wen @ digital art gallery.


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