[Fiction] Hello Stranger

You step into an acquaintance’s house for the first time, and discover that everything — from the furniture, to the books, to the art on the wall — is identical to your home. What happens next?

Daily Post 27 October 2014 0 Doppleganger Alert

WARNING : this story contains a psycho action and such that could be disturbing for those under 17.

The first time I met with her, it was like two weeks ago.

At that time, the train that I supposed to take has already fully packed with the passengers. If only I had a choice to pick another train, I would gladly do that. But sadly, there was no choice at all. Since I knew that I would definitely late if I didn’t get into this one, I finally hopped in there and let myself getting trapped between the other passengers.

Being unlucky I was, not long after the train has moved towards its destination, I could feel that someone was putting his hand on my thigh. I wanted to move to another carriage; to a safer place, but the amount of passengers were making it harder to move even just a finger of mine. I wanted to at least scream; I really did, but at the same time, I was afraid that when I showed any refusal, he would do something even worse than now.

Thankfully, someone noticed my uneasiness; maybe due to the troubled expression I’ve shown before. It was a she, but she was much braver than I was, that for sure. My eyes met with hers, as I just realized that she was standing right in front of me all the time. And then it was happened in a flash. She smiled for a second, before pulling me along without any warning. We passed through the huddle of people, reaching the station and leaving whoever that was instead.

Are you alright? You should ask for a help sooner,” she said with a warn smile.

Late for work? I didn’t even bother to think going with another train at that time.

Thus, ever since that day, me and her became close with each other somehow. Maybe she looked at me just like a younger sister she had, since she was so caring and spoiled me a lot. I noticed that we were quite different. She was so mature and also independent, while I was still so bubbly and actively running here and there. Sometimes, I even got ashamed with myself if she was around.

And today, we were going to her place. Our plan would be me staying at her place for a night. Honestly, I was excited upon the idea since this would be my first time visiting her house. My mom was somewhat a conservative one, wouldn’t let me staying at someone else’s until it was too late if she didn’t know about her. But soon after the three of us met together for a dinner outside, it seemed that my mom growing a certain liking at her. Of course I was happy to know that.

“I didn’t get a chance to tidy it up, so it isn’t really neat right now,” she said while unlocking the door. Unknowingly, we’ve reached her house now. I looked around and immediately raised one of my eyebrows, thinking that there was something familiar with the exterior she picked. “I’m sorry for that, okay? But of course you’ll get your own room; the neat one, and I’m sure you’ll like that.”

“I don’t mind with anything,” I said back, following her steps to get into her place.

“I will get something to drink, just wait on the couch,” she said again while removing her coat and hanging it on the clothes hanger at the side.

I raised my eyebrows again, once again thinking that there was something familiar with the clothes hanger and where she placed it. But thinking that it was just a coincidence- since anyone could have the same tastes on something, I shrugged it off. “Can’t I look around? It seems to be more fun.”

She turned around to look at me, giving me a meaningful smile. “Sure you can,” she said smoothly. “But I don’t think you’re going to need that.”

I didn’t get a chance to ask what she meant by that yet, when she has already gone from my sight. I shrugged that off again, thinking that she would probably get the drinks for both of us; since that was what she said. I was skipping happily and getting into her place; feeling excited to discover how her taste on furniture. However, I never expected or even wished to see a very familiar room right when I was inside. As much as I was happy to know someone had a same taste with me to decorate the house, I didn’t mean that it should be identical; as in, very identical with mine.

I was taken a back. I gulped down heavily; didn’t know what I should think or do at the moment. Could a coincidence like this happened?

I tried to shake the thought away from me. Maybe… maybe it wasn’t something to be worried about. Maybe she just coincidentally had the same taste and concept as me and there were some differences in details.

I started walking around again, growing more fears as I realized that there was nothing different there. Everything was exactly the same with my place, even my room decoration and furniture were copied to one of the room- including the room sign that was titled as Cherry’s Territory. I turned to the other room at the side of the room that was identical as mine, knowing that there shouldn’t be any rooms placed there- if she really copied my place’s decoration somehow. Slowly, I opened the door and took a peek, wanting to know what was inside but also afraid at the same time.

I dropped my body to the floor as soon as I could see what was inside there.

It was just a merely plain white room- with the bed, wardrobe, table, and other things that should be there for a woman’s room. Well, it should be; if only I didn’t see all the photos of mine were stuck on the wall. There were tons of those; me in my high-school uniform a year ago, me at my graduation day, me at my workplace, me at my house, me with my friends, even me with my ex-lovers. I didn’t even know how she could have those photos, considering that some were done in somewhere private.

“Like what you see?”

I screamed; aloud and unstoppable, at least until she covered my mouth tightly with her palms.

“Oh Baby~ Please don’t scream like that… there’s nothing to be scared, right?” she said with her alluring voice.

She finally released her hands on me, after making sure that I wouldn’t scream again. “I… I… what are you- how can you do this?” I said in hurry; didn’t care enough whether my words were making sense or not. “Are you… a stalker or something? I thought that we met for the first time inside the train weeks ago and I never brought you along to my house. But- But how…?”

“Oh, you’re such a cutiepie,” she said without answering my question. “I’ve always had my eyes on you since a year ago, Baby.”

She walked into the room, leaving me froze at the door. “Ever since the first time I saw you at your school gate, I know that I would love you forever. You’re so cute, so perfect,” she said as she took one of the photos on the table. “I always wonder how it feels… to have you in my arms. It’s like a dream comes true when our stare finally met for the first time at the time. I have to thank that ugly man, actually.”

“This… isn’t right,” I said in whisper, too afraid to say it confidently; trying to not whimper as her hand touch my cheek.

“You can’t happen to say that my love to you isn’t right… right?” she said back, showing a threat on her voice.

I gulped down heavily again, hoping that there would be a chance to escape this situation. “I… need to go home. My little brother is waiting for me,” I said, trying to give her a reason to let me go.

“Ah, ah~ Not a good choice to lie, Sweetheart. I know you don’t have any younger brother,” she said while shaking her head. “I know everything about you. And when I said everything, it’s really everything. I know your full name, your birthday, your phone number, address, occupation, schools, your family members and what they’re doing, and even your height and also weight.” She stopped for a second, humming one of my all-time favorite songs. “Don’t worry, you’ll find it nice to live in here. I will provide everything you need- all your favorites; like foods, drinks, musics, and everything. Just stay with me, okay?”

“Please… let me go home,” I said again, begging as the tears started slipping down on my face.

She remained in silence, still humming the song that I knew so well. She acted as if I never said anything before, admiring my photos inside; one by one.

Getting no answer from her, I took some steps backwards in silence. I needed to get out from the house, that was for sure. When her stare landed at me all of sudden, I was immediately turning around and running towards the main door. Probably, that was the fastest one I’ve done in my whole life. I cursed in silence as I reached and tried to open up the main door, finding out that there was no key attached and the door was locked as well. I desperately tried to broke the door using the clothes hanger on the side, but nothing seemed to be worked.

The humming sounds could be heard again, following the footsteps that started getting closer to me.

She appeared right in front of me, showing a bunch of dangling keys on her hands. Without saying anything else, she already dragged me on the hair towards the inside again. She didn’t seem to bother with my screams and rejections upon her doing at all, as she still hummed the song calmly. I was thrown on the bed; inside the room that was identical with my own room. Before I could register on what was happening, suddenly a handcuff has already placed on my wrist, locking it to the bedpost behind me.

“Dear, I never said you have a choice.”

And that day, was probably the last day I could see the blue sky.

written by ryns.

AN. This was yesterday prompt, but I couldn’t help to finish it since it seems intriguing to be written.


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