The Maze Runner Series

Let’s call today as a free-writing day for me… or a rambling day- I don’t know what I wanted to by posting this as well, in fact.

Have been waiting for the books to finally reached my door for a week, finally yesterday the books arrived. At first, I thought it wouldn’t arrive yesterday; since when I cam back home there was no sign of new package and- well, it was late already. I was quite surprised to hear the sound of doorbell at the night; moreover, when I could see the man was handing the package to me.

I opened the package carefully, examining the books one by one. But sadly, there were some bums at the side and back of a book I got. Well… online store. I couldn’t expect too much from them, after all. I might be able to complain that, but I would have to return the book and get no new one- but money back instead; while all I want is nothing but the book. Thus, I decided to not return it back and accept it as the way it is. (PS. I chose to buy it online, because there’s a 15% discount of the books there; while I wouldn’t get any by buying it at the bookstore.)

So, my three new books are : Inferno by Dan Brown, and the other two are the continuation of The Maze Runner by James Dashner; The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure.

I’ve started reading The Scorch Trials since last night already; since I’ve just finished The Maze Runner itself on Sunday and I intentionally halted the will to read so that I could finish the series first. After it’s done, maybe I will go for Inferno, since it’s not a series- and finishing another series will take me months.

But back to The Maze Runner series…

maze-runner (1)Reading The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials so far (182 of 517 pages), I could say that I like it. I enjoyed on how James Dashner wrote the details about the description of characters and places. It was long, but it wasn’t boring- knowing me, I usually skipped some long-and-boring-description when reading something for the first time. I was too eager to know the continuation of the story and those didn’t seem important sometimes. But these books, I haven’t skipped any. yet. Aside from that, I saw more character development from the first book to the second one, as there were more interaction between the characters there. Besides, I also could see the different characters between one and another; even the small-role characters there. Well, I don’t know how it will turn out later. But so far, that’s it.

The-Maze-RunnerPutting aside how good the book is, now I know that the movie was… different? I don’t know whether to be disappointed or not upon the changes. There were things that was altered- simplified much and also… makes me wonder now on how they would continue it to the next one as there’re several important things were taken out and changed from the movie. Despite those, I still think that the movie itself is great- but like always, the book is better than the movie. Why? Not because the movie was giving less detail; it couldn’t be helped, but because all the questionable and ‘weird’ things happened in the movie (I guessed due to something were taken out there; again) didn’t happen in the book. All the question were answered- clear and evident.

And now, knowing that there’s another book- the prequel of The Maze Runner has released like years ago, and the author was going to publish the post-prequel but still the prequel (?) of The Maze Runner at around 2016, I’m excited to have it as well later on. Will James Dashner go to my list of favorite author? Well- I don’t know. yet. Maybe I should give a try to other series that he has released before taking the consideration. It would need a hard work to collect that though, since nothing is sold at my country aside from The Maze Runner series (and the prequel hasn’t translated/published yet too here). One thing for sure is that I love this series and I definitely put it to my very-few favorite books.

Well now… I would like to finish the second book; The Scorch Trials soon… before then going to the third book.

written by liphz


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