[Fiction] Midnight-Snack Mate

Today you can write about anything, in whatever genre or form, but your post must mention a dark night, your fridge, and tears (of joy or sadness; your call).

Daily Post 30 October 2014 – Trio No. 3

The sky was dark. The moon was nowhere to be found; hiding behind the clouds.

In a house, a young woman was sitting on the dining chair; with hands folded on the dining table and also head rested there. Her mind didn’t seem to be at where it should be, as she was just staring blankly at the kitchen that could be seen from her place clearly. She turned her gaze towards the clock hung on the wall, looking at the time there.

The midnight would be coming soon.

She sighed deeply as she stared back at the empty dining table, letting the memories came through her mind again. Those memories, which had the most contradictions for her. Those which were painful, yet lovely at the same time; bitter, yet also had its own sweet side; wanted to be forgotten, yet too precious.

“You lied,” she whispered, letting the first tears rolled down on her cheeks. “I’ve been here, waiting for you in every midnight. But you never came… not once.”


It was her most favorite times ever since five- or six years ago.

She was walking quietly towards the kitchen, felt hungry again after a long and tiring day. She opened the fridge within no time, secretly hoping that there would be something edible to be heated. After all, she still loved her life. She wouldn’t take a risk to mess up with her sister’s precious kitchen- or worse, burning it down.

“Cressy, what are you doing?”

She jumped on her place due to the shock; didn’t expect anyone to wake up at this time. She then turned around, sighing in relief as soon as she could recognize who the older person- man; was.

“Are you hungry again?” He asked in whisper; though the surprised feeling was shown quite clear on his tone. He walked silently towards her, leaving the room where he has been ever since before. Soon after he has seen the flustered cheeks in front of him, he couldn’t help to chuckle. “What a glutton.”

She pouted; didn’t like the word even though she knew that the older man was just playing on her.

Ignoring the pout, the man opened the fridge’s door wider than before; wanting to see what was there as well. When he couldn’t see anything edible there- well, if you didn’t count something like ketchup or sauce; he was immediately frowning in confusion. What was she intended to eat with nothing inside there? He couldn’t understand.

“I just opened it and realized there was nothing,” she said, replying the unsaid question as she was shrugging it off. “I will just make an instant noodle instead. Doesn’t really matter.”

“Let’s just waking your sister up,” he said, giving a suggestion. “I know that she won’t mind making something for us. Maybe she will nag for some minutes, but then she’ll cook something much better than instant noodles.”

“Us?” she repeated, raising her eyebrows and shaking her head immediately. “No. Just take a rest, Deus. You’ve been working for the whole days. You must be tired already by now.”

“But… what if I love to stay with you better?” he replied back, giving a mischievous wink towards her.

She sighed desperately again, still letting her mind recalled about the precious memory of her and someone that she’s loved. She and him weren’t exactly a couple, if you thought otherwise. Their relationship was a bit more complicated and dangerous at the same time. No one in the house knew about their closeness, to the point that even she created a name for their relationship as a secret affair. Not that they intentionally hid it, but they just didn’t think it was needed at all.

“Did you forget it? We always had a very good time at night, Deus,” she whispered painfully, resting her head on the back of her seat. “I never forget about those times… and I think I never will.”


It was also her most painful times ever since three years ago.

After another woman- her sister; has done platting the pancakes, she quickly gave those to the two hungry buddies. She was looking at the other two intensively, as both of them has started digging on the pancakes already. Honestly speaking, she could never understand fully on why those two people enjoyed having a midnight-snack so much. Didn’t they feel sleepy?

She was shaking her head in disbelief; disappearing into her room again.

When her sister has finally gone from their sight, he immediately turned his attention towards the woman. He thought that she would do the same with him, instead of busying herself with the pancakes. But unexpectedly, he was wrong in the end. Feeling amazed with the sight in front of him, unconsciously a warm smile appeared on his face.

“Are you that hungry?” he asked, secretly thinking she was cute that way.

“No. Not really,” she answered as she was looking at him right on the eyes. “The faster I finish everything, the faster you can take your rest. So I want to do it sooner. And also, don’t fucking lie by saying you’re fine because I know you’re not.”

He raised eyebrows in amusement again. “Since when my baby learned how to swear and cuss on something?” he said.

“Who’s your baby?” she said while rolling her eyes lazily.

“You, of course. Who else?” he said back, as if he was stating the obvious.

He was smiling warmly towards her before put his head on her shoulder. He actually wanted to do something more than just leaning against her like this, but he also didn’t want to disturb her eating time. He finally closed his eyes, wanting to feel the warmness from her existence.

“Don’t worry about me, really,” he said softly. “I’m recharging my energy.”

He took a glance towards her, enjoying the flustered face once again. “You’re my source of energy, Cressy,” added him.

She snorted right away, even though she realized that something was wrong with her heart already. “Cheesy. Greasy,” she said, pretending to be uncaring upon the words. “Can’t you do something better?”

“I thought you love this cheesy man better,” he replied back again; decided to continue playing with her.

“Well, I love cheese, especially the creamy one… like mac and cheese,” she answered arbitrary, “But I don’t know that I can eat a man as well.”

He chuckled again upon the absurd answer. His eyes were never leaving her, until she was finally done with her eating.

“I’m done. Now we can go to sleep-“

Without waiting for her to finish her words, he has already brought her into his embrace. But then, the next doing of her was making him surprised. He didn’t expect the other would reply his hug without any hesitation; that was just not her style to show her feelings evidently.

“Cressy?” he called in worries. “Are you okay?”

He was about to withdraw his hug already, but she didn’t let him to do so. Instead, she was tightening her hug on him; unwilling to let him go for now. “Be quiet,” she whispered softly, hiding her face on his shoulder. “I’m recharging you.”

He knew that her reason was too oblivious, yet he still loved it- way too much, even.

“Don’t you want to hug me back?” snapped her.

He was laughing aloud; too loud so that she had to quickly shut his mouth with her palms. Even after being so shy like before, she still had his bluntness and it was, once again, amused him.

Since he didn’t want to make her mad (and because he was for sure liking to have her on his arms), he was finally circling his arms on her. And right at the moment, he had an urge to say those three words just out of blue. It was going to be his first time saying it, in fact; so he wasn’t sure either how the other would take it.

“I love you,” he whispered, kissing the top of her head.

After a moment of silence, she finally whispered back something that wasn’t audible at all. He really had to prevent his giggles, due to her overload cuteness. He couldn’t hear it, but he knew exactly what she has said to him.

Four words. A reply for his confession.
I love you too

The tears started rolling down on her cheeks, remembering the sweet moments that have happened in the midnight like this. She never understood why though. She thought that their love was a lot stronger than the distance they had, then why should it destroy everything between them?

Three whole years.

It was three years already, since the last time they met with each other.
It was three years already, since the last time they said ‘I love you’ to each other.
It was three years already, since the last time they talked with each other.

There were no ‘break up’ words; even though they also never stated ‘going out’ words. But still, they were just lost with each other all of sudden.

“You said that you wanted to protect me forever. You said that you would come back. You said that everything would be alright no matter what,” she whispered again between her sobs. “I miss you. Do you miss me there, across the ocean?”

She chuckled bitterly. “I guess not.”

She desperately wanted to give up and stop believing in him already. Maybe that way, she could be free from the pain inside her heart. Maybe in that way, she could sleep soundly until the morning came; not getting awaken in the middle of night. But no matter how hard she tried, he was still there; remained inside her mind and heart.

Realizing that she was doing something pointless, she finally stood up and walked towards her room. It would be better for her to sleep, since she had no mood to have a midnight-snack right now- though she had to admit that she was very hungry right now. However, midnight-snack has never been fun anymore for her.

Not without the certain midnight-snack mate.

AN. this was written like months ago at first, as one of a fanfiction with the same title. As soon as I read the three words; fridge, dark night, and tears, my mind went here. But don’t worry, I changed things as well, so just take it as a normal fiction; not a fanfiction.

written by ryns


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