[Fan-fiction – TMR] A Bloody New Episode

Pick a famous literary character who suffers a tragic end — Romeo, Anna Karenina, Captain Hook — and write a monologue from their perspective, on how everything’s going to work out just fine.

Writing Challenge (Weekly) – Oh, The Irony

My Pick : Newt from The Maze Runner
(because I’m such a fond of the book and this character lately.)

WARNING [SPOILER ALERT]: The setting is on the THIRD book of TMR Series.


Bloody Hell. WICKED is a shucking tyrant.

I might not remember anything from my past; thus I never knew on what was actually going on in this world. I didn’t know on how bad the world- how the human existences were endangered. But at least, I knew how moral should be worked. At the very least, I knew that using people- children even, as a guinea pig was immoral. Shuck, that wasn’t the merely trial. Some of us were killed- KILLED for good. We were around fifty or something at first, and now it was decreased to eleven already. Oh, of course I should still care about the world, even when my and my friend’s life were on the stake. After all, we’re just those guinea pig that were brought here to save the bloody whatever, right?

Alby. The name was coming back to me again. Among all the dead, Alby was the closest one for me- the one that I really could call as friend. We, along with Minho, Frypan, and some other people were the original Gladers. We’ve been together for almost the shucking three years. Being the second in command when he was the leader, I thought it was just normal I became bloody closer with that shuck-face. I still couldn’t get over the fact that Alby wasn’t here anymore. I swore that to thank them, I would forever hunt the shucking WICKED down until there was nothing left.

“Newt.” The calling made me coming back to the reality.

“Newt, we’re safe,” The other person continued with his calm voice. Felt weird though, listening that kind of voice from the most blunt, witty, rough, sarcastic- you named it; person I’ve ever met in the Glade. “That’s all matter for now. Don’t think about anything else. We’re safe.”

I rolled my eyes lazily, before turning to my left; facing directly at the muscular Asian boy there. “Minho,” I hissed; disagreed with his thought. “We both bloody know that WICKED can’t be trusted. They said it was over before, but then there was the shucking scorch. And right after we had another trial- alone. Who knows what they will show us next time? You’re shucking crazy, Minho.”

“Whoa. Hey, calm down shuck-face,” He said while raising both of the hands. “Since when you become so emotional like this, Buddy? As far as I know that part should be mine and you should be the one with clearer mind among us.”

Within silence, I blinked. Twice.

“Sorry,” I finally found a way to say something. “You were right, I shouldn’t fire you up like that. I just… I don’t know, Minho. Maybe I was just too bloody worried; thinking on what else the shucking WICKED have in their head.”

“I understand your worries. It’s okay,” Minho replied with a chuckle. “But on the other side, you don’t have to shucking worry about anything else. I promise, Newt. Whatever they will give us as a trial, we will be safe until the end. Maybe I shouldn’t say this as a leader. But as a friend, I will make sure that at least you and Thomas will stay alive.”

Even though that sounded cruel, I could understand his bloody feeling; because did feel the same as he was. Somehow, all I cared about wasn’t exactly all the shuck-faces from the Glade. Minho and Tommy. Only those two. They were safe- well, Minho got burned here and there as well; but he was shucking alive and that was what matter. If I had to live in the world without those two, I didn’t know what to do anymore. They were my bloody last friends.

“You have to stay safe too, Shuck-face. All three of us,” I replied with a snort.

“THE Newt care for me? That’s a surprise,” Minho said back, teasing me for sure.

“Well… I won’t oppose if you want to die that desperately, Minho. Go ahead,” I teased back with a shrug.

Minho laughed; loud enough to make the other people turned their faces towards us. Thankfully, they knew better to not mess around with me or this shuck-face. “That’s the Newt I knew,” he said again, seemingly relieved to know that I’ve back to my old self.

“Newt, we will be safe. You’re right on this, the three of us should be,” Minho continued in a low voice; afraid that someone else could hear his words, probably. “We can start a new life together after all of these. Thomas can stick with Brenda or Teresa; I don’t shucking care, that will be his choice. We can find a girlfriend too. Do you see anyone attractive from Group B? Say, how about Sonya? We all will have children and happy life until forever. That’s great, right, Shuck-face?”

I rolled my eyes again. “Yeah. Only if it’s that easy, Minho,” I replied.

“Shuck. Do you really have to hurt-“

“Who’s getting hurt?” A new voice came to join us out of blue.

We stopped talking right away and turned our attention completely towards the voice. There, we could see Tommy with his silly smile was standing excitedly beside Minho. Minho’s smile grew wider than before, as he was immediately standing up and giving Tommy a shucking bone-crush hug. Meanwhile, I laughed and smiled as wide too, feeling relieved to know that there was nothing wrong with Tommy- and he was even bloody fine from head to the toe.

Minho was once again, right. Probably that was the reason on why he was appointed as the bloody leader- and not me. We would be safe, all the three of us. Being together, we would be able to defeat and escape from the shucking WICKED. They wouldn’t be able to stop the three of us, as long as we could work together. After everything ended, we could start a new bloody episode together; creating a loving family and living happily ever after.

“The following people are not immune…” The Rat Man- that was how Minho called that WICKED man; said.

He was getting ready to spill out about who weren’t lucky enough getting the immunity for the Flare virus. I didn’t pay much attention on it though, since it didn’t even concern me- as long as Minho and Tommy were safe. I was sure that Tommy was bloody immune; judging on how the shuck-face was favored by WICKED. Minho… well, the probability was like one per twenty or something, so he should be alright. Besides, he was appointed by the shucking WICKED itself as the leader. I guessed there’s bloody nothing to be worried-


written by ryns

AN. Probably I didn’t use the irony, but the main idea was from that. And, I didn’t actually pay any attention on Newt or Minho’s way to talk on the movie- and the book I read was the translation, so the way they talk (including Newt’s accent) might be not the same. I just tried it based on how other fanfiction were written.

Another PS. I still couldn’t get over the Newt’s life story at The Death Cure.


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