[Movie Opinion] Divergent

Divergent_filmDays ago, I was watching Divergent due to my curiosity. I heard people said it was like “The Hunger Games”, but people also said the same thing with The Maze Runner and I didn’t get on what’s the similar thing they meant. Since I was thinking on reading the book- but I thought that buying all three of books if I don’t really like it will be a waste and if it’s possible I don’t want to only have the first book (so it was like all or nothing), I decided to watch the movie first. Who knows, though I knew that the movie usually have more ‘holes’ compared with the book, maybe it was as cool as The Maze Runner.

Thus, I decided to watch the movie for two hours and around fifteen minutes or so. And as the credits appeared on my screen, let’s say that I’ve lost my mood and will to buy the book. I know, maybe it’s just me since most of people said it’s one of the cool movies. Maybe it’s just me being subjective just because of one or two things that I don’t like, or maybe it’s just not a cup of my tea. And yes, I admit that there’re parts that turn my mood off and probably since then I start to pay attention on the holes (because before that certain part, I was still enjoying the movie so much. I thought it was cool).

Well, we’re going to see on what the hell I was thinking of soon.

But before goes to the points, I assume that all of you; who is reading this (or going to continue), has already watched the movie. If you haven’t watched it yet, let me tell you that from this point forward, there will be spoilers. Clear?

[WARNING : This section contains spoiler like- in everywhere]

Probably I shall go with the first thing has turned my mood off- the kiss scene.

No, I’m not that conservative or something with the kiss scene, nor hating it. But I think that the kiss scene there isn’t necessary. Well, this is, for sure, subjective. I prefer to watch how Four helped Beatrice/Tris with his own way, not in a very obvious way- and motives. At the first part of the movie, I enjoyed a lot on how the relationship between Four and Tris is just hinted here and there. And I think, logically, it still should be like that. I mean, they’re in the Dauntless where everything is harsh and forceful- and Four is likely her instructor that should be neutral over all the initiates, no? There (for me) should be something like fear or worries, on how they might get caught, or how their relationship will be seen, or how their relationship might affect Tris’s result, or something like that. But instead, they seem to be free and ‘I can be in love with whoever though we’re under Dauntless’ all in instant. I don’t really like the instant love-relationship like this one, where everything should be considered as well.

To make it fair here, I was never been a fans of a dystopian fiction that focus too much on their loves with each other; which has a love scene that’s too obvious like this one. The Hunger Games, even though I can see that there’s a love line between Katniss and Peeta, it isn’t that obvious as Katniss was always trying to ensure Peeta and herself that they’re acting those out for the sake of their safety. On the other hand, at The Maze Runner, even though Thomas has a certain attraction on Teresa, they never act something out. There’re always things they should pay attention more than their loves- or affections. And I enjoyed those kinds of scenarios. So, that’s probably why it has turned my mood off in my subjective view.

Now, let’s move the holes (and I might add some things that I was disappointed on along the way).

  1. Tris is a ‘divergent’.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but what I caught on the movie, divergent is something rare and extraordinary; something that’s treated as an enemy and threatening- especially by Erudite, something that will be killed soon after she has been found, etc. And from the movie as well, it seems that the second test to be a Dauntless is hard because there was once a divergent were killed because he was escaped in a short time and with a not-Dauntless way. Then as the story goes, it seemed that the divergents couldn’t be contaminated by the serum or- something like that which would make them the Erudite ‘doll’. That, and so… I wonder how come I saw FOUR divergent just from Dauntless Faction? Let’s list it.
    – Tris
    – Four
    – Peter
    – A certain initiate that was killed
    That short list makes me wonder on how those people was able to pass through the other tests these times. Should I think that the other tester was as kind as the tattoo maker who has tested Tris; and so they wrote one of the faction as the result instead? Should I think that they’re trained by their families or something; so that they knew how to react over the scary hallucination? And should I assume three new divergent initiates at Dauntless (which makes me wonder if there’re some at other factions too) as a ‘rare’ and surprising result for them? Assuming that there were the same at each factions, then there would be like fifteen divergent in a year, and in ten years it will be… a hundred and fifty. Minority? I’d say yes. Rare? NO. One in ten years, that’s rare.
  2. Tris’s mother was a ‘dauntless’.
    So Tris’s mother was a dauntless at her times, that’s how she knew all the tests they should take to be the real Dauntless. She knew that the second test was the most dangerous one, she knew on how she should use the weapon and had no hesitance to end the other’s lives for the sake of her child- Tris. … okay. So, in what kind of position she was at? The movie told it already that those who has failed will become the ‘factionless’ and will not welcomed at their original faction even if their parents want to. So Tris’s mother couldn’t be a failed-dauntless. Then maybe she was an original dauntless that changed her faction to Abnegation at the selection at her time. But then, I thought that the rules and tests to be a real Dauntless was just known by those who’s going to take it? Or the original Dauntless knew it as well and taught their children to learn how passing the tests? Nothing was said about that, but there was something bugging me if the second one was right (that they’ve taught their children how to pass the tests)… like then, why no one (included the original Dauntless) dared to jump off the building aside from Tris at the first time?
  3. Be a Factionless or be a Doll Dauntless
    The initiates were trained so damn hard, so that they would be either a great Dauntless or a Factionless (if they were failed). They were threatened to be killed if they dared to break the rule, to give up in the middle, to talk back, or to step for their friends. They were tested to defeat their fears; to know whether their way to defeat it was the right way as the Dauntless or not. And after that, congratulations! They’ve became a real Dauntless now! Or… not? I don’t get on why those leaders of Dauntless (let’s say Eric and his people) trained their people THAT hard only to be controlled as the Erudite doll. If they needed a doll, then don’t eliminated people and voila, they would get more dolls instead. I don’t get on how their capabilities were matter as the doll; it’s not like they were prepared to fight against Tris and Four, after all. You could see the doll’s job was just to shoot the Abnegations and… well, guarding places (that wouldn’t be attacked if Tris and Four weren’t there). Or the serum only worked for Dauntless and not those who might fit better at- let’s say like, Erudite? But the villain woman can be controlled by it!
    On the second note, as they said it was the tracker that they planted in their body (but actually something to control them), I wonder on how they placed it at Four’s. If we assumed that it was planted on the day when they officially became a Dauntless, then it meant that Erudite has planned it since like- years-years ago (since I was sure Four was the first-class Dauntless and it couldn’t be reached in a one year of margin)? And how they decided which people to be controlled and which shouldn’t be? There were some people under Eric that wasn’t controlled (the one who always tagged along with him). How he picked it- if it was planted at the first day? And if it wasn’t, how they forced Four to let them planted it inside his?
  4. Tris was afraid of getting forced to do ‘IT’ by Four! … No?
    You know that scene? At the second test, where Erudite was watching as well (along with some other people), one of Tris’s fear was revealed to be getting forced doing ‘it’ with Four. From the movie as well, we knew that her mind could be read by the other people- including Four himself. SO. I was expected to see something- anything relate-able with the scene. I meant, like what I’ve mentioned before the points, they were instructor and initiate. Four was the first-class Dauntless, even. No one had an opinion over it? Dauntless leader, maybe? And- HEY! Four was one of the subject at her fear and he didn’t have anything to say about that? Like to reassure her that he wouldn’t do it or- joke about it or, something else? Just… “Okay, you pass. I don’t care what your fears were.” like that? And I thought they were madly in love. (Okay this was not actually a ‘hole’.)
  5. I was hoping for more scene of them as a real Dauntless.
    Yeah. So they’ve passed two hardest exams… now what they would do as a Dauntless? It was lack of explanation on what this and that faction do. Yes, the movie told us in the beginning how Abnegation was the selfless- so they were in the council, Erudite was the intelligence- so they were the teachers, scientists, and things (?), Dauntless was the brave- so they were like the army, and others (I seriously couldn’t remember the other two since it was rarely mentioned). But aside from that, nothing. I never knew what they were actually doing. And since our main characters; Tris and Four was at Dauntless, I was hoping for a little bit action as the real Dauntless. Like, how they patrol at the town or something? Instead of making everyone as the doll at the first day.(Again, this isn’t the hole but… something that I don’t actually agree/like?)
  6. Four is a divergent… Yes. That’s why.
    So the villain woman (which I don’t remember the name) was refused to stop the program to control the people’s movement and Tris couldn’t shoot her. Fortunately, Tris noticed that there was the last serum lying on the floor. So using their eyes, Tris asked Four to give her the serum and tadaa~ the villain woman’s body was planted by the thing that could control her. As Tris ordered her to turn the program off, Four- yes, FOUR was the one pressing ‘something’ at the side so that she was finally following what they wanted to. Then the question raised in me was : When did Four learned to use that freakin’ program developed by Erudite? Never, I was sure- but maybe that’s because he was a divergent; he had an Erudite side on him and so he knew how to use the program that he never saw… no? (Yes, it’s a sarcasm) And another thing, how they were able to differentiate the one to control the villain woman and the one to control the Dauntless? Or at the time Four actually ordered everyone to shut the program down? But then why don’t he ordered the Dauntless to stop attacking if he could use the program at the first place?
  7. Others…
    You could see other people’s review on this. I read some of them but decided to not write those since it wasn’t what I thought at the first place. (Like, I don’t really mind with the faction idea but others did- as it didn’t actually give any difference with the sorting hat from Harry Potter. Better, they could still choose on what they wanted to be. I guessed it was just to test- like IQ test at our world, which it would show where we fit better but it was still depends on our choices)

So far, there were those six- or seven, if you included the non-numbered point one above; things that I don’t really like from Divergent (as far as I remember) and honestly, has turned my mood down to try reading the book itself. I don’t know if the book was better and answering those weird things for me. But for sure, I wouldn’t try to read the book anytime near in the future (Well, probably some months later, but not now). And, I know this was subjective and at some parts didn’t make a sense (on why I should ask those)- But this was what I thought.

But hey! Divergent isn’t hat bad. Should I mention that I do love the actor that played ‘Four’? I didn’t see who he was yet- or where else he played another role, but I like Four character there- both the look and personality.

And, I still like this scene :
“You’re not going to shoot me.”
“Why does everyone keep saying that?”

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2 thoughts on “[Movie Opinion] Divergent

  1. I haven’t watched it nor read the book. Well this one is in my waiting list though. But maybe I won’t watch the movie before reading the book. I believe I will be immediately disappointed by watching it first, same as the other based-on-book-movies, especially City of Bones. I remember how I lost my mood reading City of Bones after watching it, although the book is very good, after hundreds of pages o_O.


    • yea, I think it’s better to read the book first, since the movie itself has a lot of ‘holes’- and I hope the book doesn’t. I might try it someday, but not anytime near too.

      I haven’t watched/read the Mortal Instruments too, but I know that some people were disappointed with its movie as well so I don’t have the mood either these days. lol. maybe someday too… and maybe it’s better to read the book first too… XD

      thanks for visiting! ❤


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