[Fiction] [Poem] [Reposted] ONE

It has been that long since our first meeting;
since we’ve become close enough to tell each other’s secrets.
I didn’t know that we would grow close like that.
I didn’t know that we would become bestfriends.
And I didn’t know…
that it would end someday as well.

I thought we were different in many aspects.
Living in different worlds,
with your upperground world and ME, with my underground world.
Living with different attitudes,
YOU, with your easy-going manner and ME, with my bashful manner.
Living with different expectations,
YOU, with your rebel to be and ME, with my obedient to be.
There was almost no similarity between the two of us.
So, how could I even imagine about our closeness?

Then there was this one similarity.

Just ONE.

But that one similarity was enough to make us close;
close enough to make someone feeling a big jealousity,
close enough to make someone asking you to stay away.
And that one similarity
was also the one made us apart more and more,
distant enough to not know anything about each other.

We met by coincidence.
We grew closer by one similarity.
And we ended it because of the one similarity.

What an irony, isn’t it?

written by ryns –  12.03.2012

AN. This work was posted at my old blog. Since I was moving here too, then I decided to copy my old works little by little; start from this one. This work was based on a true event- and NOT about love but friendship.


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