Liebster Blog Award

liebster-blog-awardCopying my nominator sentences from her nominator in her blog, “The Liebster Blog Award is given to up-and-coming-bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Liebster is a German word that means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, valued, endearing and welcome. Blogging is about building community, connecting with other bloggers to help spread the word about newer bloggers and their sites.

To be honest, when I started this blog and posted stuffs here, never once that I thought about awards like this. Sure, I’ve read at some blogs that they were nominated and blah blah blah. But I thought that the chance wouldn’t come to me. Why? I’m just an amateur and moody blogger- this summarize everything. You would have seen that the date when I posted stuffs were decreasing a lot; due to my work and other things. But then, this blogger friend of mine (that the only one I know came from the same country as I am), nominated me at this Liebster Blog Award. So, I am thankful of her; of you, Sandrine Tungka (though we didn’t talk as much).

Sneak peek of her profile. She is the owner of the blog Sanwa Journeys, which posted things about several topics like her travelling experiences, wedding journeys, marriage life, and stuffs. Aside that one blog she also has another blog for her book reviews and such; Sanwa Library. Among her posts, there were some posts that I like; like… her tips on getting free ebooks (legally) and her tips on making time for blogging. She currently lives at Jakarta, Indonesia and often posted in both language, Bahasa and English. Thus, feel free to have a talk with her and visit her blog.

Here’s the rules for The Liebster Blog Award :

  1. Thank the person who nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award and link their blog to your post.
  2. Answer 11 questions they’ve asked you.
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers who have 200 followers or fewer for this award.
  4. Ask 11 questions to your nominees.
  5. Let your nominees know you nominated them once you’ve posted about your Liebster Blog Award.
  6. Add the Liebster Blog Award to your blog post.

After some thoughts over the original rules, I don’t think that I will be able to get the 3rd rule done : nominate 11 bloggers who have 200 followers or fewer for this award. I’m not a real blogger at the first time, and I also don’t interact much with the other bloggers. My knowledge of other bloggers are kinda limited. And so- I decided to just nominate one person that I’ve known for years personally.

the anime+manga lover. movie lover. fantasy lover. dragon lover. and so on.
my best-friend forever. my sister. my irreplacable friend. my mate. and so on.

Anyway. Here’s my answers for Sandrine’s questions :

  1. Why did you start blogging?
    The original of original of original idea wasn’t coming from myself, in fact. That time; years-years ago (yes. years ago, since this is practically my second- or third blog), due to one or two circumtances, one of my friends was asking me to create a blog and learn on how its features are working. I like love writing, that’s the fact. But at the time, I didn’t think that there was a need to create a blog like this. Because : 1) I posted most of my fictions- and poems at my facebook and 2) If I need someone random to read, I would just put my writing at (a local website to share your stories/poems and get the ratings). However, as the times goes by, I’ve forgotten the original paln to just learn and let myself posting everything I wanted to.
  2. Why you keep blogging until now?
    Because I love it. That simple. I always enjoy on how my feelings and imaginations can be poured in my writings here freely. Basically, I don’t care in particular at the number of followers, visitors, or even comments. Sure that those things would boost my mood up too sometimes, since I would also happy to know that there’s someone liking it. But above everything, I write because I enjoy it. I write because I love it. And I write because that’s the best thing I can do to fill in my leisure times.
  3. How you manage your time between blogging, working, studying (if you are also a student now), being husband/wife/single, playing, connecting to other people, and resting?
    To be honest? I don’t think that I’ve managed my time between blogging, working and such. And probably that’s the reason on why my writings became lesser and lesser and lesser as the times passed by. But in the past (as in, months ago), I often stealing the office-hours in one-two hours of a day (anyway, most people did the same… but they used the time for something else). But now, since there’re more books to read and also since my work becomes even more critical than ever (I blame the deadline), I never wrote in schedule anymore. In short, it will be like :
    Blogging = stealing office-hour in most of times
    Working = office hour minus like… two until three hours for resting per day
    Playing & Connecting to other people = Saturday (weekend)
    Resting = Sunday (weekend)
    Writing other things = Weekday (at night) and weekend
  4. What is the post / idea from your own blog you like the most, why, and please share the link?
    Personally, I love writing fictions more above everything- as in; the most loveable things to write for me. And thus, I decide to take the tag Fictionals as the one that I like the most from my blog. The why is as I’ve mentioned before : because I love writing fictions the most. But if I have to pick one among every fictions I’ve posted in this blog, probably I will take [Fiction] The Last Hour of The Day. First of all, this is the first fiction I wrote here- which makes it memorable for me. Second, I love my simplicity in this fiction. Unlike the other fictions I’ve written here, this one had fewer descriptions and it was; at least for me, making the fiction looks sweeter and softer. I love the feeling I’ve tried to create here.
  5. If you have blogger’s block (my word for writer’s block for blogger :D), what would you do to increase your mood on blogging?
    Haven’t had a blogger’s block… yet. But probably, I will browse the prompts here and there; searching for whatever that can possibly give me the idea on what I should write. If it doesn’t work, then I will try by listening to my favorite musics. Or maybe watching any movies. Or reading something. Usually, from what have written down by the original writer/author/script writer, I can imagine the alternate scene based on those whom became my favorite characters there. How? It just… came out naturally, as  my mind was playing with some what if. Like, for example : what if Gale showed Katniss more of his love- what if Gale sacrifice and let himself hurt only for Katniss (and he did actually hurt- not just going to get hurt)? What Katniss is going to do about that? [PS. example was from Mockingjay Part 1] and such. That way, usually the scenes would come inside my mind.
  6. What you love the most of your country you live in (please only choose 1 and describe why)?
    Food. (Well, actually I can say something like the scenery or tourism objects and such… but since food is the first thing came into my mind, food it is.) Why- maybe because I was born and have been living here for the whole of my life, my tongue is getting used with the native tastes here. But not just that, I also do think that Indonesian foods are rich with flavor. Indonesian foods are usually a bit complex. They need a lot of spices and seasonings to get the best result. Even for some food; example : rendang, the taste will be even better if you leave it for a day. Most of Indonesian foods are spicy- I heard that European even usually took a glass of beer before eating to prevent the stomachache (unsure if it’s true or not), but they are great and tasteful. They are the best.
  7. Which one do you prefer, mountain or beach, and why?
    Beach, because… it has water? Like… a HUGE pool and not a drinking water or such. I don’t know how to explain it rightfully, but I kind of liking the sensation when the water coming to me and touching my foots. Walking along the way at the beach, while the water- the salt water/ocean sometimes touches my foots feels good for me. (Sorry if the explanation isn’t clear enough). Well, besides… it’s BEACH! Why don’t you like the beach (aside from how hot it is; and I could care less about that, in fact)? It’s fun to play water sports like bodyboard surfing, or even just playing with the waves- or even just soaking yourself in the ocean. I have not tried yet, but it seems fun as well to try diving/snorkeling at the ocean; to see the fishes and other sea creatures. And then… there’re seafood! Where else could be the best place to enjoy seafood, if it’s not at the seaside? Uh- in case you didn’t realize yet, I’m a food-lover. Then… what else? Well, everything about beach is wonderful for me… isn’t it? And this reminds me that this weekend I’ll go to the beach for a day. (Yay me!)
  8. Are you a book junkie? Please recommend three good books you have read recently!
    I AM! For sure, I am. Even though I barely manage to finish my books nowadays (as in, can’t just sit and read the whole books from the morning until evening), I still do love reading.
    Three latest books I’ve read that I think good enough to be read :
    The Maze Runner series by James Dashner [YA/sci-fi/fantasy].
    The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom [inspirational].
    Looking for Alaska by John Green [YA/romance/life (?)].
  9. What was the movie you last watched and what do you think of it?
    The last one was The Mockingjay Part 1. I have to say that I love Catching Fire more than The Mockingjay, but it doesn’t mean that The Mockingjay is bad. [SPOILER ALERT!!!] I just love on how twisted Katniss’s feelings at Catching Fire; wanted to convince herself that her feeling to Peeta is nothing but just based on a scenario, but also at the same time… knew that she had something for Peeta to the point she’s willing to do everything to make sure he’s safe. At The Mockingjay, Katniss’s feeling is as transparent as the glass, as easy to be read as the open book, and the list goes on. Maybe it’s because the story goes on too… that Katniss almost a hundred percent sure she loves Peeta right now. I could see that she trusted Peeta, she believed in Peeta, she defended in Peeta, she worried for Peeta, and that, and this, and… so on. But in conclusion, there’re no mixed feelings, no Katniss that was trying her best to look strong… things like that. Uhm. I can talk about Mockingjay alone at one post, so I better stop here. In short, The Mockingjay Part 1 is good; cool, even. But I love Catching Fire more because of the various feelings there.
  10. Which actress you like the most, Emma Watson or Jeniffer Lawrence, and why?
    I don’t really follow the film-world or actor/actress. But look-based : Emma Watson and personality-based (though I don’t know how Emma Watson’s personality is) : Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence first. I knew it from my friend some of her words about working out and dieting, also about her being a skinny girl- woman. “I’m miserable when I’m dieting, and I like the way I look.” and “I think it’s really important for girls to have people to look up to and feel good about themselves.“. I adore those words of her that was quite different with other celebrities. She didn’t try to be that skinny like the others and confident with her look. I just love that side of her (well as long as it’s healthy and she’s not that overweight). And Emma Watson. I love her face- her small face, and especially her expressions. Her chic look, her piercing stare, and her smile- or… is that a smirk? I just- love it.
  11. What are the top-3 sites you visit the most and you find useful (please post the active link)?
    Periplus, Books&Beyond, Book Depository, Better World Books : to buy books.
    Daily Post : to look at the prompts and find the inspiration to write here.
    KasKus  : to read… basically everything; from the news to the story people writes.

Yes. And that’s all the answer for Sandrine’s question.
(I didn’t realize that it has became that long. Wow.)

Here’s the questions for my nominee aka. nezunyaan.

  1. Why do you choose Cappricio as your blog’s name? What’s the meaning of that for you?
  2. What prevents you from blogging? Have you tried to do something to actually resolve it?
  3. What kind of genre do you like the most to read/write? Why?
  4. Which author do you love the most, that can make you awe-ing? Why?
  5. Do you like music? What kind of music do you like, and recommend me three of your most favorites.
  6. Who’s the famous person that you look-up/inspire/adore the most? (Named at most 5)
  7. Who’s the famous person that you idolize/squeal/love the most? (Named at most 5)
  8. Can you pick one quote from anything that made you think it’s so damn true and should be your life-motto?
  9. What do you do to relax and enjoy your time for yourself? Do you prefer to do it alone or with someone?
  10. What is your biggest dream? Something that you really want to achieve/go/find/get at least once in a lifetime?
  11. What part of yourself that you feel unsatisfied with? Why? What did you do to change it?

PS. Not sure if she’s going to join this, but I’ll just post it in case she want & have a time to answer the questions.

written by liphztoryns


6 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award

  1. OMG, I’ve totally have just read this, since I haven’t logged in or written anything for months. Y know I’m a (very) moody writer right? Guess writing everyday for a living sometimes exhausts me. Wow, the effort you put into this is amazing… Feel bad for not participating… I’m really sorry… m(_ _)m


  2. I like how you put Rendang in your questions 😀 Love all your answers especially the post you like the most. I love your stories. You must write a book. Or maybe you already have one?? I wonder… Thank you for joining and congrats for you 🙂


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