[Book Opinion] [English] Manxmouse – Paul Gallico

February Reading Challenge: A book with non human characters

For this one, I also read the Indonesian version of it with :

ISBN : 978-602-97067-3-4
Translator : Maria Lubis
Publisher : MKF (Media Klasik Fantasi) – Mahda Books
Number of pages : 227

Just after the stroke of thirteen on the night of his creation by a tipsy ceramist, Manxmouse sets boldly off from Buntingdowndale on the road to high adventure and self-discovery.

Sadly, the Indonesian version of its extract at the back cover was a bit misleading for me. The extract was telling us on how Manxmouse tried to run away from Manx Cat at first, before finally decided to come and settle things with Manx Cat. However, as I knew after I’ve read it, what Manxmouse did was simply exploring places, doing some adventures and meeting with some new friends. No running away. (Well, not before it was captured by the pet shop owner- and it was still not showing anything like ‘running away from the Manx Cat)

In general, Manxmouse was splitted into 12 short-stories about Manxmouse’s adventure until it has finally decided to find on where Manx Cat is. Most of the short-stories was actually more likely a different story which is not related one with another; except the fact that the main character of it was still THE Manxmouse. Okay. It wasn’t entirely true. They’re actually still related one with another; by showing on how Manxmouse was getting more and more anxious everytime the story ended, because every single one of them said that it’ll ended up to be eaten by Manx Cat.

The story started with how the Manxmouse, the rat with rabbit’s ear, blue fur, with no tail was created. Remember the classic story named Pinocchio? Well, more or less it was like that. A craftsmen was trying to make a masterpiece, who accidentally became alive. But the difference with Pinocchio, is when Pinocchio decided to stay with its creator, Manxmouse at the other side decided to leave him and go for the journey by himself. That was the start of its adventure, the start of its meeting with other creatures like animals, people, and clutterbump who gave it different adventures.

In my opinion, Paul Gallico has told the story well enough and suitable for kids. There was no complicated or detailed explanation, which probably would make the kids getting bored to read. Even without those, I feel that the pace of this story is just… right. It isn’t jumping here and there; from a scene to a scene, and also doesn’t seem too fast to be ended.

Wellll… true that it isn’t as detailed as what I prefer of. And wellll… true that I don’t really feel the climax of this story; to the point I thought “That’s all? Really? Just… like this?” when the story has reached its anti-climax. However, it was actually can be understood if I remember that the story was for children. After all, the children stories shouldn’t be complicated and written in their capabilities of understanding in general.

Due to that, I think I might not really match with children’s books. Just like the other children’s book like A Tale Dark & Grimm, I can’t sense anything deep down here, or something like curiosity to know on what’s going to happen while I read the book. I just finished the story isn’t because I like it, rather… it was because I need to. Never meant that this is a bad story, because no matter what, I have to admit that this is one of the great masterpiece- for children book.

My rating : 8/10 for children book.


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