[MASTERPOST] 2015 New Author Reading Challenge

Another reading challenge! YESSSSS. That’s right.

Since most of the reading challenge can be overlapped with the others, I think I might be able joining this one as well. New Author Reading Challenge is basically helping us to finish the books that was written by someone we’ve never read before (that’s why the name was “NEW Author”- duh). The rule is as simply as that. Read one of the books from the authors you’ve never read before. The original event was posted here; though it was in Indonesian : NARC 2015

However, we were also put into a level; somethng that we set as a goal and achievement on this challenge.

Easy : 1-15 books
Middle : 15-30 books
Hard: 30-50 books
Maniac : > 50 books

Here’s what I’ve read so far, from the author that I’ve never read before (might be added later after I dig up my shelf) :
*note : the books that can be counted was said no less than 150 pages; not a comic, graphic novel, or other books with most of it is an illustration.
  1. Infinity Ring #3 : The Trap Door – Lisa McMann [192 pages] (ENG)
  2. A Tale Dark & Grimm – Adam Gidwitz [224 pages] (INA || ENG)
  3. Manxmouse – Paul Gallico [227 pages] (INA || ENG)
  4. 1Q84 (Book 1) – Haruki Murakami [516 pages] (INA || ENG)
  5. Kaas (Cheese) – Willem Escott [173 pages] (INA || ENG)
  6. Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell [456 pages] (INA || ENG)
  7. Pieces of You – TABLO [200 pages(INA || ENG)
  8. Danielle L. Jensen – Stolen Songbird [489 pages] (INA || ENG)

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