[Book Opinion] [English] 1Q84 (Book 2) – Haruki Murakami

March Reading Challenge : A Book with One Word Title

ISBN : 9879799105684
Translator : Ribeka Ota
Publisher : Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia
Number of pages : 425 pages

The year is 1Q84.
This is the real world, there is no doubt about that.
But in this world, there are two moons in the sky.In this world, the fates of two people, Tengo and Aomame, are closely intertwined. They are each, in their own way, doing something very dangerous. And in this world, there seems no way to save them both.Something extraordinary is starting.

So far, I found the significant progress of the storyline. Most of the questions I had from Book #1 was answered here; like how the two world was working; how can Aomame and Tengo related one with another, yet in two different worlds (since at Book #1 Aomame saw two moons in her world and Tengo didn’t), what the Air Chrysalis is, and what is happening inside the Sakigake. Aside from that, the storyline became much clearer as well now. If Book #1 basically didn’t give me anything like… “what is this story about?”, Book #2 explained nicely the main problem for those two (Aomame and Tengo) and how they took part in there. Though, of course there’re more questions as well that I wished to be answered in Book #3 later [like what is perceiver and receiver; and what their roles are? or what is this anti-“little people”? and such]. But overall, I love this book; maybe contradicting with everyone, I like this Book #2 better than Book #1- since Book#1 was actually too slow in the progress of storyline and gives me nothing like “so this is what the book is about”.

1Q84 Book #2 was written just like Book #1, by switching the point of view between Aoname and Tengo. So as the story goes on, Aoname sticked to the plan where she had to send the leader of Sakigake to the other side of world aka. dead. The plan was created smoothly; as detailed as it could be, so that Aoname can stay as safe as possible. However, things were different once Aoname had to face the leader alone all by herself- should she kill him or not; she wasn’t sure anymore. Why? Well, won’t be fun if I told it here. As for Tengo, he met with a suspicious person named Ushikawa who seemed to know his involvement in “Air Chrysalis” and threaten him to forget everything. Not only that, Fuka-Eri came to him again, to do something that was very much unexpected (I think I have to read Book #3 to know the intention of her doing). Can’t tell what it was about, cause it’ll make the story less fun. Aside from those, there were also things happened around Aomame and Tengo. It seems that the ‘Little People’ capable to do something to warn them; to threaten them so that they wouldn’t do whatever they intended to in a cruel way. [Such as killing people around them or… make them ‘vanish’ just like that. Or change the weather. Or makes the station crowded (?)]

[ There are two scenes that could make me getting anxious as I placed myself on their shoes. First, is when Aoname is going to go from the hotel after she has killed the leader. And second, is the one that was still in a cliffhanger to Book #3; when Aoname aimed her gun to her mouth- did she pull it? did she not? Well people might say “Of course she won’t! She’s the main character, Idiot!”. But for me, I still thought “NOOOOOOO! ASDFGHJKL.” Yeah, sorry for being cliche.]

If there’s something I don’t really like, maybe the love-relationship between Tengo and Aoname. I mean… well, I just don’t think it should be written that far; as in, too deep and too transparent. I prefer it to be more steady and just hinted here and there. [ The change of Aoname as soon as she saw Tengo was… too much for me.]Though I do like how it was also explained on how they’re related one with another more… but it seems that ‘they’re far yet also close’ is better than ‘i saw youuuuu’ there. (Sorry if it was hard to understand. 😛 )

Well, that’s all! I can’t wait to know what else is going to be revealed in Book #3, though I’ll take some rest from it first and read another book.
5 of 5 stars cause I like Murakami’s writing style and how the story progress.


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