Just Remember…

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt : Matyr.

This week, tell us about a moment in which someone asked you a question you weren’t sure how to answer, whether because you didn’t know, were too uncomfortable, or thought you might offend or confuse the other person. – Tough Questions

WARNING : This story contains a hint of character death.

It felt like I was inside the death itself.
Nothing could be heard; nothing could be seen here.
Heavy pants were exchanged instead of words.
Blood, mixed with the sweats, rolled; dripped down to the cold stones below.
There was a voice- a familiar voice, but I couldn’t listen.
shouldn’t listen, as it was the devil itself who was trying to dispose me.

I love you
Even when the situation is not in our sides
Even when the world works against us
I will remain in love with you.

Memories always betrayed me at the right moment
as his words- his sweet and beautiful words were ringing back in my mind.
It would take me some moments to get rid of it again,
to ensure myself that they were nothing but a bunch of lies.
And even though there were overflowing emotions screamed the word of denial,

what left was just an ugly truth.

I sighed as another attempt to drive those out of my mind completely
and seemed that it has caught his attention up on me.
He stared at me with his blue, wonderful eyes I’ve been drawn into for so long.
I unconsciously tried reaching for the warmth there, but only coldness remained.
Then he shot a smile- a grin towards me; vividly… and wickedly.

Even if my action is not to be trusted
Even if my words is seemingly betraying you

Knows that there will be love remains intact for you.

“Why, can’t believe that this is my true, nature self?” mocked him.

I should have replied such a venomous word,
should have said that wasn’t the case; that I could not easily broken just like that,
but there was no right words could be formed inside my current mind.
His smile grew even wider, scarily, upon the lack of my reaction.
Maybe he thought that he has win this war between us.

Of course he hasn’t.
But in a way, he also has.

I was still standing in front of him, that was true.
But I also felt like a crap; like a fool, a lamb in the lion’s den.
I felt like it would be much more easier…

to just die here.

When even a bit of you is on the stake
I will, without any doubts,
Protect you with my whole; with my everything
Because that’s just how much I love you.

The world has gone into ashes and I had no one- nothing left remained,
nothing left to be protected with this weak, small hands of mine.
What awaited for me was just an emptiness, as hollow as it could be.
How different it would be with the death itself, after all?

His laughter roared on the surface, shaking the ground below us.
I came back to the reality with that, facing head up on whatever would happen.
In a second, he charged forward with a great speed; sword was pointed at me.
There was the same proud and sly smile carved widely on the face;
perhaps expecting me to surrender and let my depression took control.
But he was mistaken this time.

I was ready; I have been ready for awhile.

I held my staff up confidently and repelled the last spell I could use,
wishing it would give enough time to protect the rest of us;
the entire of the world, the good and the bad from the upcoming destruction.
And when it was all finally done, when everything has fully protected,
I closed my eyes in peace.

Don’t you worry about anything
Not the world, not yourself
I will be the one taking care everything for you

Because I love you more than the universe.

Seconds by seconds have passed, I knew he would come at any moment now.
I flinched when something cold was touching my bare skin behind the robe,
and waited for the excruciating pain; for the final blow to come and finish me up.
It seemed that I have been waiting for so long, but nothing came.

Was this it?
Was this… death?
The death that everyone was scared of…
Was it not painful at all?

I dared to open my eyes, expecting nothing but a pitch black in front of me.
But instead, what within my view was something terrorizing for me.
At this rate, I think it wouldn’t be a wonder if he still had a trick up his sleeves,
and I could guess basically anything… anything but this.
Anything but the adamant red blood dripping down thickly from his mouth.

I can be the bad guy when I have to.
And be the sinner when you need me to.

I looked down, finding his sword was still buried deep inside me.

“Easy,” His voice was now soothing and calming me down.
It was extremely different from the cocky and underestimating voice just now.
It felt like he turned to himself back; turned to the one I ever loved back.
“I have transferred all the wounds on you to me, so you won’t feel the pain.
But even that so, it will be better for you to take the sword out of you… quickly.”
As if he couldn’t sustain his weight anymore, he dropped down soon after.

“Why?” I asked, recognizing a second later that my eyes swelled with tears.
Why?!” I asked louder, hoping for an answer of his absurd doing.

But he just smiled; the comforting and reassuring one,
and suddenly his soul was nowhere to be found anymore.

I can even be your martyr,
when the situation asks me to.

But just remember…
that I love you with all my heart.

by ryns 2016.12.07

AN. First time trying this kind of writing style! Does the whole of it sound weird? I wonder… Definitely not a poetry, but I doubt it can be categorized as a fiction too. *shrugs* A semi-fantasy angst fiction, and it doesn’t have a fixed prologue so might be a bit confusing.

It has been long since I wrote something here, anyway. But I was reading something from my favorite author and suddenly this urge to write is coming back and so here I am.

The transferring wound thingy was briefly inspired by Saiyaku wa Boku wo Suki Sugiru (shounen-ai alert!)
credits for featured image : BelleDeesse at WallpaperUp


4 thoughts on “Just Remember…

  1. So sorry, have just come back to FB after several weeks. Dis is kewl!! Love your word choices & definitely can picture the whole thing in my head. A job well done!! Miss writing myself, but peaceful time is a luxury now. :/


    • Just noticed that you’ve dropped a comment here! Hahahaha. XD Thanks tho! Glad that this kind of writing works too~ Never tried to do so before this. :3

      Definitely. So much to do, so little time we have. 😦


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