Liphz to Ryns

Why caramelpen? What the heck is that, even?

My friend and I were, for once, thinking that I might use penandlatte for my blog name. But as we (or I, and he listened to be honest) thought more of the ideas that involved pencaramel, and latte, there was also this one : caramelpen. We don’t actually know why to be exact, but caramelpen does sound cute and fun (also, unique) at the same time. Hence, in the end we decided to use that one.

So… what’s with the pen, caramel, and latte?
To put it short, caramel latte is my companion, friend, and soul mate at the same time; whenever I wanted to break free and escape from the hectic and dull world. It has always been the one who accompanied me when I was writing things; or, basically everything.

Why Seventh Heaven?

Because this is the place where I can escape from the chain of routines;
where I can enjoy myself in a small paradise- my seventh heaven.

Why liphztoryns? I can’t even read that word.

liphz to ryns, that’s how it should be read,
is a combination of two usernames that I often use for the last eight years.

Years-years ago, I created the liphz name as my pen-name in everything; as in, everything I registered for. The name itself was formed from my very own real name, which I tried to stylize into some points.

Then years-years after that, I was going to play an online game. Decided to be anonymous for an online-game, I finally created the name. I don’t remember why, or how I created that username, but ever since that point, ryns has always been a name I used to be anonymous.

And so, why use both at the same time?

Let’s say that I have two personalities (no, I’m not bipolar).
If liphz is the side of me that will show you how my sanity and logic works,
then ryns is the side of me that will show you how my free soul wanders.

You could see that some of the posts would be written by liphz, and some others by ryns; depends on the content.

A lil’ bit of myself

I enjoy fictions in general, if I may say. Novels, comics/mangas/manhwas, movies, TV serials, animes, and fanfictions are the things that I usually enjoyed the most; for whatever the genres are. I write- a lot; most of them are fan-fictions. When I write or have a need to be focused, I listen to the musics from certain singers.

My favorite authors are Dan Brown, Jonathan Stroud, Mitch Albom, Sitta Karina, and Clara Ng. I enjoy each of their works. I adore their writing-styles; of how they are able to make me drowned into the world where their story was made, of how they are able to make me bursting into tears or laughing like crazy. They are my love, role-model, and inspiration to keep writing.

The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown  Heroes of the Valley - Jonathan Stroud  The Time Keeper - Mitch Albom  Aerial - Sitta Karina  Gerhana Kembar - Clara Ng

I listen to mostly TVXQ and JYJ’s songs. A Korean group. The only one two five I can be a fans of. Finding them at July 2011 on youtube by accident, I became a fans soon after I thought that their voices, appreciation of music, and harmonization were too beautiful to be left off; especially on their Japanese-ballad songs. Dancing (even looks- in my opinion) has never been their specialties, but none of them are lacking in singing.


Just like their ex-CEO said,
They are all worthy to be solo artists but formed a group.

I will mostly write in English, I guess? Though my English is just so-so and so lacking in grammar (I am not a native speaker or writer of English. I just talk a lot with people in English, and that’s all), I will take this as a chance for me to advance further my language skill instead. Thus, you’re free to always point out over something that I’ve written wrongly.

Welcome to The Seventh Heaven of mine
and do enjoy your visit here!


6 thoughts on “Liphz to Ryns

    • hiya~ :3 lol. XD that’s fine, that’s fine~ no need to worry. XP
      psssssstttttt…. i was always stealing like 1-2 hours from work time to write a post here everyday~ that’s the secret! :)))


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