Prompts and Attempts

Short Prompts

  1. Prompt : What are you snobbish about?  – from DailyPost
    Post : Originality Snobbish
  2. Prompt : Free-write time!  – from DailyPost
    Post : A Glass of Caramel Latte
  3. Prompt : Perfect space for reading and writing – from DailyPost EBook
    Post : Heaven’s Space
  4. Prompt : What it feels like to hear a beautiful music – from DailyPost EBook
    Post : Tears and Goosebumps
  5. Prompt : The longest you’ve ever gone without reading – from DailyPost
    Post : Reading vs Writing
  6. Prompt : How do you use extra sixty minutes? – from DailyPost
    Post : Last Hour of The Day
  7. Prompt : The very first set-back at  a new country. – from Writer’s Path
    Post : Land of The Rising Sun
  8. Prompt : You get to spend a day inside your favorite movie – from DailyPost
    Post : Back to The Childhood
  9. Prompt : When did you realize you were not immortal? – from DailyPost
    Post : Live For You, Die For You
  10. Prompt : Pack of cigarettes; something different inside. – from Writer’s Path
    What would be the equivalent of a walk-off home run? – from DailyPost
    Post : Through The Dimension
  11. Prompt : An acquaintance’s house that is identical to yours. – from DailyPost
    Post : Hello Stranger
  12. Prompt : Anything with any genre that contains dark night, fridge, tears – from Daily Post
    Post : Midnight-Snack Mate
  13. Prompt : A famous character with a tragic end from his perspective – from Daily Post
    Post : A Bloody New Episode
  14. Prompt : Today’s one-word prompt : Matyr – from DailyPost
    Questions you weren’t sure to answer – from DailyPost
    Post : Just Remember…

Long Prompts

  1. Prompt : You – Ten2Five (song lyrics)
    Post : Pieces of You

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